JAYSRIKA UNIVERSAL FZE,now offers Expertise in supply of Quality products (from ISO:9000 certified companies) and our services includes

Welding of HDPE Pipes & Fittings : - We can arrange for welding and installation of HDPE Pipes & Fittings at site in UAE and Oman.
Hire of Welding Machines for HDPE Pipes : - We can hire of welding machines for Buttfusion and Electrofusion welding of HDPE/PP Pipes & Fittings.  
Machinery and Tools for Plastic Industry : - We can supply extruders, downstream equipments, heaters, calibrators etc. for the HDPE processing industry.
Lamination and Installation of GRE and GRP Pipes & Fittings : - We can provide lamination and installation services of GRE and GRP Pipes and Fittings at sites in UAE and Oman.   
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